The Band

  • Gene Ehrbar (Vocals & Guitar)

    Gene Ehrbar, Vocals Gene Ehrbar has had a bordering-on-unhealthy obsession with Bowie's Ziggy Stardust character for as long as he can remember. A singer and guitarist with an eclectic background, Gene got his start playing ambient incidental music for theater productions in high school, and has been hooked on the intersection of sound and vision ever since. He has performed with various Portland-based bands, including Corner Office Suicide, Magnificent Funktopus, and Portland favorites Earl & The Reggae Allstars.
  • Nate Silverman (Guitar)

    Nate Silverman, Guitar Nate Silverman has played and recorded with several San Francisco bands including Foreverland (14 piece Michael Jackson tribute), Steely Wonder (Steely Dan and Stevie Wonder cover band) and original rock band Crackerjack Highway. He's also recorded and collaborated on albums with acclaimed bay area musicians Alan Hertz (Garaj Mahal), Eric Levy (Night Ranger) & Eric McFadden (Eric McFadden Trio). Nate's style ranges from fiery classic rock style chops to tasty jazz flavored melodic passages.
  • Kenichi Nakamura (Bass)

    Kenichi Nakamura, Bass Kenichi has been playing and writing music since he could hit keys with tiny fists. He mostly played guitars for stage productions of JC Superstar/Tommy, university jazz bands, and various other groups in LA before moving to Portland in 1998; then moved on to bass, drums, and keys for Portland acts such as the defunct synth-driven trio Chazmadar and the current classic metal outfit Rhinofalcon.
  • Isaac Szymanczyk (Keyboards)

    Isaac Szymanczyk, Keyboards Isaac Szymanczyk was named by his parents after both Isaac Stern and Isaac Hayes, and subsequently grew up to be a split-personality classical violinist and soul keyboard player. He’s spent his life learning and playing as many genres of dance music as possible, from jump swing to dancehall reggae to disco and funk, touring and performing with such Northwest acts as Boogie Patrol Express (1990-1994), Unshakable Race (1994-1996), Phat Sidy Smokehouse (1997), The John Shipe Band (1998), Satin Love Orchestra (2004-2006), The Portland Led Zeppelin Tribute Orchestra Land of Ice & Snow (2010), and the 12th Avenue Hot Club (2002-present) among others.

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